Our Products

Tashi Tagey makes a range of woollen sweaters and cardigans/jackets. As each woolie is individually knitted for you please allow time from your order to completion. We try to get your woollie knitted within one month, though some styles take a little longer. We also make orders to your own design and wool.
Simply supply us with the design and wool and we will knit up your request within a month.

Wool care

Tashi Tagey knitted woolies are made from pure wool in a range of colours and styles. As a wool product it need s some care to maintain its lustre and texture . Wool will shrink and mat if washed in hot water so take care. We advise you to warm hand wash with wool soap, rinse in cold water and dry flat or dry clean. When not in use store your woollens away from silverfish and moths in a sealed bag.


Because Tashi Tagey knitted woollied are hand made each product will be slightly different from another, that's part of their charm! Some colours may also be slightly different from the colour charts-these are a guide only , though we do try and ensure as close a match as possible.

Sizes are designed for a comfortable fit, not tight fitting. To ensure the right fit send your shoulder, chest, arm and length measurements when you order.